Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Dogs of Winter

Recently I became aware of this Documentary LAST DOGS OF WINTER from the production blog and since then I have been feverishly trying to spread the word.  Because how can you not love a face like this?

Meet the Canadian Eskimo Dog. The subject of the documentary. These dogs are rather special in the fact that they are pretty rare, they also live in Polar Bear country.  The film is Directed by Costa Botes who is from New Zealand of all places. (Something about a Kiwi making a documentary in Canada makes me feel so small in this huge planet so I had to point it out.)

Anyways some info from the site....
"1n 1976, Brian Ladoon took on the self imposed mission of preserving and breeding Canadian Eskimo Dogs, the rarest registered breed of dog in the world.  The dogs share their pitiless natural environment with itinerant wild polar bears. This film documents a  unique situation, and explores mankind’s responsibility for managing and exploiting animals."

As well as a teaser...

I for one am super excited for this and try and check the production blog once a week if not more.
So please check it out, more info can be found in the following places.

Last Dogs of Winter Production Blog
The Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation
And lastly the Films Facebook, go on, Like the page! I already have!

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